Monday, December 14, 2009

Ice Core Hoax Exposed

News World Disorder has recently been made aware of the ice core series data that skeptics claim debunks the notion of anthropogenic global warming (please click on all images for large versions).

We immediately realised that the problem with the ice core data was that it had not yet been adjusted by climate scientists. We therefore took the step of verifying for ourselves the accuracy and reliability of the FudgeSource™ Software used by the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.

We ran the ice core data for the Holocene period through the program, resulting in the following graphs:

From this image we can easily see that the first graph contains data that has clearly been fiddled by nature and reality. The second graph features the necessary adjustments required to bring the issue of global warming into sharper focus - namely a massive incline in temperatures since 1850.

Pleased with our success, and the accuracy of the CRU FudgeSource™ Software, we ran the ice core data for the Holocene period through the Fortran code included in the ClimateGate emails, namely Harry's OUTOFCONTEXT WTF?™ climate model software. The results were truly terrifying:

Clearly, we can only pray that Al Gore wins his valiant battle to free the world of junk science in the face of this dreadful threat. We'll be praying to Gaia for your mortal souls, and practicing a brand new form of pranayama introduced by the UN's Lucis Trust, which allows the practitioner to exhale all CO2 onto the etheric plane in the form of angels with post-doctoral degrees in eugenics.

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